Fabulous colour themed designed modern home involving adaptions for elderly or those with limited mobility

April 06, 2021 |

Photography for CL-PM, experienced Project Construction Managers, based in Hertfordshire. They are experienced in working with clients to project manage building projects which involve adaptions for elderly clients and those with #limitedmobility

The #interiordesign is stunning with a simple monochrome background theme lifted with a range of different bright colours in the furnishings and accessories showing that #adaptivehomes can be places in which everyone can thrive.

The project included a number of specialist elements, including a lift and support facilities for the clients daughter who has mobility issues.

Patricia Rayner ABIPP (www.image2photo.co.uk)

photography: Patricia Rayner #image2photo.co.uk for #projectmanagement #CL-PM

Categories: Architectural Photography, Interiors Photography